Inheritance lawyer in Israel

Many Israeli citizens reside outside of Israel, whether temporarily or permanently. However, most Israelis residing abroad have first-degree relatives in Israel, and some of them even hold various assets in Israel. Naturally, in the ordinary course of life, we all need from time to time to deal with inheritances and estates, whether these are assets we inherited or assets we intend to bequeath in the future. When an Israeli citizen who does not reside in the country desires to put in order his future estate, or alternatively is entitled to an inheritance from a deceased relative who resided in Israel, it is recommended for him to approach an inheritance lawyer in Israel. Laws dealing with inheritances and estates change from country to country, and it is recommended to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the inheritance laws applicable in Israel, to guarantee the best possible protection of your rights and interests. A foreign lawyer, who is not familiar with all details of Israeli law and is not acquainted with the Israeli legal system, will just not do.

Property Management in Tel Aviv

Buying a luxury property in Tel Aviv, despite all of its advantages, also entails many costs. Apartments for investment in Tel Aviv can offer a wonderful investment channel, which may produce very handsome profits in the future, but one cannot ignore the many costs entailed in such a property, especially as recently the purchase tax on apartments for investment has been increased. Many people spend the best of their money on an apartment for investment, but at the end of the day try to save on the apartment's management, of all things. Unprofessional management of a property for investment may reduce the property's value drastically, and at the bottom line might even cause the owner significant financial losses. This holds even truer for a property located in Tel Aviv, where managing the property continuously and professionally is even more important in order to protect its value. Before buying an apartment for investment in Tel Aviv, you need to know a few things about the property's management following its purchase.

Real estate lawyer in Israel

Real estate law is an extensive, complex and highly branched legal area that deals with all legal aspects of real estate property and rights in land. Therefore, it is crucially important to have a lawyer who knows the complex nature of Israeli real estate law. This field includes, among other things, dealing with real estate transactions such as combination transactions, clearing – building transactions, land contracts such as sale and lease contracts, registration of transactions in the Land Registration Bureau, land taxation issues, betterment charges, participation in land, dissolution in land, mortgages, preference rights, benefits, buyer groups and more.


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