Israeli Company Register.

A person or company who wishes to establish a company in Israel while living outside of Israel may encounter several issues:
Only original documents signed with the original signature, can be submitted to the Registrar of Companies in Israel. The documents must be in Hebrew. Those who wish to establish the company, the company's first shareholders and directors, must sign an official to confirm the signatures.

Planning to Launch a Startup Company in the 'Startup Nation'?

Following a few precedents where attempts to launch a startup company ended in spectacular financial success but later led to long-drawn-out legal battles, it is now clear that you cannot establish a startup without legal consultation from a lawyer specializing in this field, who is familiar with all legal and business subtleties and who can correctly lay the foundations for any such enterprise.

Corporate and company law in Israel

Corporate and company law in Israel regulates the system of relations between a company and its various components and between the company or corporation and the state. This relationship, especially that been the company and the various components comprising it, can be very complex, and therefore the law attempts to define the duties, rights and definitions of various officeholders. Naturally, this is a complicated job. The law regulating companies and corporate laws in the State of Israel is the Companies Law, 5759-1999, which went into effect in 2000 and is therefore relatively new. Although the new law tries to cover as much of the corporate field as possible, there are several points which should be noted when dealing with the law, which make an Israeli lawyer specializing in this field even more crucial.

Company and corporate lawyer in Israel

When a company is incorporated and registered in Israel, it does not matter where the company's owner resides, as the law governing the company is the Israeli law. This means that the company must act pursuant to Israel's corporate law. In order to ensure that your company meets all legal requirements, it is always recommended to seek legal advice from a lawyer specializing in company and corporate law. Corporate laws change considerably from country to country, and as foregoing, the corporate laws relevant to each company are the laws of the country of its registration and incorporation. In case a person residing outside Israel is the owner of an Israeli company, it is recommended to use the services of a lawyer dealing with companies and corporations in Israel, who is familiar with the local laws and who speaks Hebrew. This is the only way to ensure that although the owner does not reside in Israel, the company he owns will comply with all requirements of Israeli corporate law.

Business lawyer in Israel

Economic and legal reality in Israel requires business owners to practice extra care in all matters related to law and the justice system. Many business owners, especially when just starting out, try to minimize the business's costs as much as possible. Many business owners try to save costs by, of all things, foregoing a private lawyer for the business. A business owner who is just starting out can overlook the advantages of having a regular lawyer; however, as the business grows, so does the disorder, and then the business owner finds himself working into the night, losing precious work hours while trying to decipher supplier contracts or reviewing labor laws in order to understand whether he should hire new employees. A regular business lawyer in Israel can assist you in a variety of fields. 


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