Israeli Company Register.

A person or company who wishes to establish a company in Israel while living outside of Israel may encounter several issues:
Only original documents signed with the original signature, can be submitted to the Registrar of Companies in Israel. The documents must be in Hebrew. Those who wish to establish the company, the company's first shareholders and directors, must sign an official to confirm the signatures.

Are you in trouble? Do you need a lawyer in Tel Aviv?

Movies and TV shows teach us that most people in need of a lawyer are people who have committed clear, well-defined crimes that even those of us lacking legal education understand only lawyers can deal with. This refers to clear-cut criminal offenses. Criminal offenses which are less photogenic or obvious, but are still just as severe, are referred to as white-collar crime – for example various types of money laundering and tax evasion.

Summer Home in Netanya

Many vacation and summer homes in Israel are located in cities with attractive qualities that draw vacationers for weeks and even months each year. In many cases, you will find Israeli and foreign citizens who keep a summer home – especially in Netanya. Netanya is a coastal city that wisely maintained its Mediterranean characteristics while developing wonderfully as a tourist destination.

Interested in the Israeli Real Estate Market?

The Israeli real estate market is highly diverse, and with each passing year it develops in new surprising directions that should interest any potential investor. Interested in the Israeli real estate market? Then you should know about the different options offering good returns spread throughout Israel. 

Planning to Launch a Startup Company in the 'Startup Nation'?

Following a few precedents where attempts to launch a startup company ended in spectacular financial success but later led to long-drawn-out legal battles, it is now clear that you cannot establish a startup without legal consultation from a lawyer specializing in this field, who is familiar with all legal and business subtleties and who can correctly lay the foundations for any such enterprise.

Ashdod – The Perfect Summer Vacation Destination

Israel is blessed with a near-perfect Mediterranean shoreline. The only thing left to do is build towns along the beach that make best use of it rather than turn their backs to the sea. Ashdod is one Mediterranean city that wisely harnessed this resource, designed so that you can enjoy the city while making the most of its wonderful beaches.


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